These classes are for our ‘petite ballerinas’, those children who love to dance at home to music and want to learn more.

The classes last for 30 minutes, where we have a basic ‘warm-up’ routine that the children get to know over time, and we start to talk about some basic ballet principals such as standing with nice straight backs and pointing our toes. We then have various stories and magical adventures that the children become involved in that will include basic ballet steps and gaining an understanding of learning, listening, and following basic instructions.


Our ‘Pre-Primary’ class is an introduction to the set ‘Primary Cecchetti syllabus’.  This is a good interim class for children whilst they are in the transitional stage of needing a bit more structure than the ‘Baby ballet’ but still wanting some creativity. We start to teach some of the steps  that the children learn in ‘Primary’ as well as making the class a little more structured, whilst still using a lot of imagination.


This is the first examination that the children can take through the ISTD examining board. We teach the children the set syllabus, but maintain our creative and imaginative lesson to work around this. When a child reaches the specified age and standard they can take their ballet exam. They will need to know the set syllabus as well as a short dance.

STANDARD 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6

These are the set ‘Cecchetti ballet’ standards. We follow the syllabus whilst ensuring the children retain their joy and love of dance. When a child reaches a good enough standard they will have the opportunity to take their ballet exams through the ISTD examining board and progress through the school. As the child progresses through the levels it is advisable to take more than one class per week. Ballet exams are not compulsory, and your child would still be able to move up to the next level when they have reached an acceptable standard, although we do encourage children to take part in examinations as we see them as a positive recognition of a child’s hard work.


This class is by invitation only. Children who show particular promise and enthusiasm will be invited to attend this ‘Elite’ class. The class  focuses on stretching and strengthening exercises and some more challenging steps to their normal lesson. Children who attend these classes will have the opportunity to be entered for 'Grade' examinations which are recognized by OFQUAL. Children will also be able to expand their ballet experience and will have the opportunity to audition for ‘Cecchetti Associates’, ‘Royal Ballet Associates’, ‘London Children’s Ballet’, and ‘English Youth Ballet’.